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Hypnobirthing 101 - Joyful Pregnancy

Learn the basics of hypnosis and how it helps during labor and delivery. It’s a simple, natural and risk-free alternative that is gaining popularity world-wide.

In addition to all-natural births, hypnosis can be used in conjunction with medications and Cesarean surgeries -- it reduces the amount of medication needed, reduces bleeding and accelerates healing. In natural births it shortens labor, reduces or eliminates pain, releases fears, and puts Mom in control of her own body and mind.

What You’ll Learn…

What Is Hypnosis?

Forget the hype around stage hypnosis. Learn how it truly works, why it works, and how to practice so you can use hypnosis when you need it.

3 Basic Elements

‘Reprogram, Release, Relax’

Learn the keys to hypnosis for birth. Its all about intense focus and deep relaxation. I’ll show you how.

Actually Try It!

We’ll do a short hypnosis exercise, allowing you to ACTUALLY go into hypnosis yourself, leaving the webinar feeling refreshed and joyful.

Your Instructor

Brandi Spray, BHE, CYBE
Brandi Spray, BHE, CYBE

I am the most highly trained and experienced birth hypnosis professional in the Dakotas including the only provider of Blissborn natural childbirth classes & Your Birth Experience.

If you are nervous about childbirth or simply looking for a refresher childbirth class, you have come to the right place.

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  Joyful Pregnancy 101
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